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Get to know me

My name is Jacob Nachlas, but my friends call me Jake (or Nachos). I am a UX/UI designer, front-end developer, data analyst, runner, traveler, hockey lover and soccer enthusiast from South Florida. I am a recent graduate from Emory University where I earned a B.S. in Quantitative Science with a substantive track in Informatics, and a minor in Economics. I have also recently earned a professional certificate in UX/UI Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology. With my background in coding and my love for design, I enjoy finding the perfect combination of function and form.

Why I chose design

I fell in love with UX/UI Design about one year ago. While I always enjoyed studying data analytics, being able to design and create great products for people and maybe even improve the way they interact with technology was something I couldn’t pass up. I love solving problems, exploring data, and telling stories in order to transform insight into experiences. I am excited to dip my toes in new fields and acquire new skillsets, and take pride in my adaptability to new environments. What excites me the most is finding new ways to create and to learn how the tools we have can be leveraged to foster incredible experiences.

My strengths

👂🏼 Empathy

My outgoing personality and excellent communication skills allow me to connect with users and understand their needs so I can tailor experiences to meet these needs.

📈 Data Analytics

With my analytical background and experience with Python and R, as well as the vast number of libraries written for these languages, I am able to extract meaningful insight from the user research I conduct.

🦄 Storytelling

I can synthesize the main points from user research to craft a meaningful story for the users who I am building the product for. I tell stories to support my design choices which helps provide justification to the experiences I create.

✏️ Prototyping

I am familiar with several prototyping techniques including storyboarding, decision mapping, flow diagrams, sketching, and wireframing as well as tools such as Adobe Xd, Figma, and ProtoPie to create unique and relevant experiences.

🚀 Deployment

My background in software development allows me to push my web concepts into reality and effectively communicate with developers. I am familiar with Git and the front-end languages HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I also have exposure to Node, Express, and Mongo DB.

🤡 Sense of Humor

And lastly, one of my greatest enjoyments in life is being able to make others smile and laugh, and that carries into my design by helping me connect to my users!

Let's chat!

Please feel free to reach out to me to talk about design, opportunities, or to engage in a lengthy conversation about soccer. ⚽️